Friday, April 25, 2014

More Divided Baskets

Making custom ordered Divided Basket has been fun lately.  
I like to see what others pick for colors or focal fabric, it isn't always what I would chose, but it opens up color possibilities.  

This one was a personalized Easter basket, but she picked colors that her daughter could use beyond Easter.

This one was for a mermaid themed nursery

And one from my hoarded Hello Kitty fabric for a swap partner at Sew South

One for my VBMQG sewing room swap partner, she wanted aqua and red colors

And another custom ordered nursery basket

These were all made in the last month or two.  I precut the interfacing that I use for the baskets, and cut enough for 4 or 5, so that when I'm ready to make one I only need to cut fabric.  
If you would like to order a Divided Basket please contact me via email

I hope you all are having a great sewing week.

Keep Calm and Quilt On!


Newbie Jen said...

Mary, lovely baskets. I made some for my kids last Easter and they continue to be useful.

Francine said...

The baskets are so great! I'm about to attempt my first one. Do you think I should try on junky fabric first?