Sunday, August 21, 2011

I promised to quilt

I finished quilting the Circles Quilt, first reported a long long time ago HERE, and oh, hey, that was even after I had the top finished, way before that!  Do not fret though, if you feel you have tops way older than this that have not been quilted, because I DO TOO.  Way, way older, almost like Star Wars long time ago.

Any who, I made millions of small circles with the quilting, and thank you, this top was lap size for all those bubble circles.  As I was quilting in the border, I found out that my back didn't quite stretch all the way to the edge of the top on one side.  I stopped the quilting before the edge, and I added a strip of fabric to the back where it came up short.  

New Bee!  Yay, needed that!  I had one ending in August, and I almost had free time on my hands!  Wasn't sure what I would do with that, so very quickly I found a Bee that was starting.  Won't this make an awesome Halloween themed quilt?

This is my 6.5" center for a local round robin with the Richmond Modern Quilt Guild.  We're starting small.  I can do small.

I was away for a few days, and when I returned there was a nice little package of Kona Cottons from, who has excellent prices for Kona Cottons.  I randomly picked colors, but also picked some colors to go with prints I had recently bought, but don't have a photo of.  Not sure if I should always be showing off fabric I have hoarded purchased for making future quilts or at least quilt tops.  I always have a plan, it just may take a few years to execute.

Quarter log cabins for a local bee.  We each made 2 with batiks.  

I would like to press something, but my board seems to be being used as a place for storage at the moment.  And block layout planning for Sherbet Pips.  Most of the rest of my room looks like this too.

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Leanne said...

really love how your circle quilt is turning out, the quilting is great! And a month ago I just bought an iron like yours, I was surprised how much I love it.