Monday, November 14, 2011

Hello Loves

I was remiss, as usual. There seems to be, every month, just that one Bee Block that I didn't seem to get to.  Then I feel like I can't start the next months blocks until I get this one done, or not post photos, so I don't have guilt.  This time, or should I say, last month, it was for Threadheads Bee.  I must say I adore the members in this group, and this block wasn't even hard, I seem to make it harder in my mind.  Then when I get to it, I'm like, oh, well this was so easy peasy.  What exactly was the problem, me?  This purple one is from my stash.  See the little owl peeking out?  Loves!

She is making an I Spy quilt, with all the centers something to find.  Love the color in this one.  I'm a fan of REDS.  Reminds me of Where is Waldo.  

I feel guilty working on the next months blocks when that first one was still hanging over my head!  But, I've moved on.  Guilt can't just keep hanging around when there are more blocks to do.   This is the Spider Web block for Fall Bee, another awesome group.  I like the Spider Web block, it looks complex, but is fairly simple.  I think we should add a little spider in the centers.

I am making slow progress on Jesse's quilt.  I tell myself to make 2 blocks per night.  I did on Sunday, but it can't always be done.  I'm trying not to beat myself up about it, but I also want to finish and give this to his parents.  I also put together more of the grey sashings which will become stars where they join.  

See, progress.  The grey helped so much.   I have 50 projects I want to get to for Christmas,  but tonight I just want to read, so I will push the projects to the side and read my new book I've been anticipating for like 6 months.  Tomorrow the projects will all be calling again, no one else is going to finish them!  I could use one of those little elves that used to help the shoemaker.  Then I can wake up and go ohh, thanks little elves!  Here is a cookie, or whatever the elves got paid in.  It's been awhile since I read that story.    

My friends and I at Quiltapalooza in Houston, TX.  Victoria's Secret Feet (the pink ones with wings) won a prize.  But we are all winners in our own group!  

Do you have a special place?  A place you dream of being when you lay your head down on the pillow?  When I'm not thinking about my next sewing project, or the 50 that are on going, I dream of being here.


Brookquilt said...

There can not be a more special thing that to find a seashell while actually being on the sea FLOOR!!!!!

Leanne said...

I am glad you are reading your book and that sometimes you get away to dive, in real life or in your dreams! It is important, I think, to not let the quilting become a chore or a source of guilt, it is supposed to be fun and creative.