Friday, November 11, 2011

I also like fingernails scraping down a blackboard

These were the blocks from my Bee mates in Sew Modern Bee.  My SIL is well due a quilt, and she liked this one, so viola!  Quilt recipient.  She picked the fabric for the border.  But nothing can be THAT easy.

I decided to torture myself, I had an idea for the back.  So, I'm going to piece it.  I used to just throw some large swatches together and call it something, or a solid or something like that.  

Now, I really like the way this is coming together.

Now I want this to be a front.  So what to do?  Aaarrhhhggh.  Nails down a chalkboard feelings.

Block for Leanne in the Aqua and Orange Bee.  I had already made the orange one.  I loved her choice to do monochromatic blocks.

One of the blocks for Melissa also in Sew Modern Bee.  She was very creative and made her own pattern.  I made 2 blocks, the other one's photo came out all cranky.

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Leanne said...

I love those blocks, especially the one coming to me! I think you should keep your back as the back as it is for your SIL and I expect she will love it! But it would be a lovely quilt in its own right, there is no doubt. Quilt backs are complicated.