Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Perfect Pair

I told my husband about a month ago I want a new pair of Uggs for Christmas.  You know, so he has time to shop. HAHAHA!  I also needed to make a decorated pair of shoes for an event in Houston at the IQA show, and I just couldn't come up with an idea.  After showing my friend the Sam I Am costume, she suggested Thing 1 and Thing 2 for my shoes.

And I had the perfect pair of old crummy stained Uggs to paint and glue gun.

Attaching the yarn hair was a task, so I let my friend do the first one and work out the glue bugs.  Hot glue does stick to your Uggs, so don't do it unless you really want them to stay decorated.  

I tried markers for the face and body, but I ended up getting acrylic paint which worked fine.  

Side view, Rear view, for your viewing pleasure.  

They are so adorable!  I have worn them around the house, to make sure the yarn hair doesn't fall off.  Too bad I didn't have my friend think of these before Halloween!  But that comes around next year too.  And I definitely need a new pair of Uggs.  Just saying.  


Leanne said...

Those are so cute! I wonder how they will hold up, maybe you can wear them for special occasions too.

Spontaneous Threads said...

those are the cutest Uggs out there! I think you are on to something.

Brookquilt said...

I LOVE THEM!!!! We are partners in burnt fingers... I added some more...bling... to my entry and the glue gun (since I felt I shouldn't add anymore poison to my finger tips) was the weapon of choice. I am actually bringing my glue gun to Houston in case something needs a last minute touch up. We are going to have some fun!!