Monday, November 21, 2011

Like a Good Dessert, it just called my Name

Friday - at rush hour - I had to run a business errand which took me right near (OK, still 15 minutes up the road) to a LQS that sells Kona solids.  I give them a quick check to see what is in stock whenever I'm in the area - or sorta in the area.  

I'm not a big Christmas fabric fan, I have 2 started Christmas quilts, who knows when I'll get back to them, and they don't even require much to finish.  I even cheated once, for my Mom, I put Christmas fabric on the back of a quilt I made her, and told her to just flip it at Christmas time.  Talk about lazy.

This Michael Miller fabric grabbed me the instant I walked in the door.  And even though I didn't want it, and I didn't need a new project, and I am on a Christmas time budget and the fabric wasn't on sale; so, logically I bought two yards.  For punishment I hacked off a chunk of finger with my new rotary blade that I was so enjoying how easily it sliced through fabrics.  Note to self, slices through flesh too.  

I only wanted to use this Christmas focal fabric and the solids.  I brain melded all day Saturday, flipped through books and magazines, looked at flickr, and nothing, not one idea.  But early Saturday morning, I could have held my phone above my head with the little lightbulb app and turned it on, for the idea that popped into my head.  I'm sure this pattern exists somewhere in the quilt universe in some form.  But I really didn't see one Saturday, but maybe I have somewhere, so that is how it came to my mind.

I did a quick drawing, because, this required quilter math, and even though I do books and accounting, quilter math just boggles me.  I still couldn't figure out how large the block was going be when finished.  I just made one and then measured the finished block to figure the final math.  

Preview, more photos later.  

Trudging through the November Bee blocks, not that they are a chore, I enjoy them immensely, I'm just so wanting to work on Christmas projects and the new top, but I know I need to get to these too.  So, I try to do one Bee's worth of blocks before starting something for myself.

Shana who blogs  HERE wanted 'Tripped Out Wonky Stars' for our Threadheads Bee.  I had to add a few fabrics to this second block, I wonked a lot and used up too much of the fabric Shana had provided.  Hope these are wonky enough for her!

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H2Ogirl said...

They are so lovely! I hope your finger heals quickly! I'll learn from you for sure! I hope this fun project goes wonderfully and quickly.