Saturday, January 7, 2012

I can't think of a catchy title - just read

Now, I have to say PLEASE, as in please read, like my Mama taught me.  

Finished the Party Penguin quilt for my niece.  We started it together in the summer when she stayed with me, and I quilted it while she was here for Christmas.

I'm pretty sure she loved it.  Cause she told me on FB, and if it is there, it is golden.

She had two carry on bags, one had the quilt, I told her is she loses a bag make sure it was the other one.  

I saw a tutorial for an iPad Cover over on One Shabby Chick's blog months ago.  I didn't have a reason to make the cover, as I didn't own an iPad, I just coveted one.   I wanted to make the cover anyway, and I would hold on to it until one day when I snuck out and bought the iPad and then would have to hide it from everyone.

But I didn't have to be sneaky after all.  My hubby took care of my wish list.  Thank goodness I didn't impulsively buy one just to make this precious cover.  Really, I would have done it, if you have a tote or a cover you need something to put in it.  It's a rule somewhere, I know.

I used an oilcloth fabric for the exterior, instead of fabric.  Hands make fabric dirty.  But the actual iPad is going to stay super clean, like use Purell before touching it, please.  So I did use fabric on the inside.  

I love having a reason to make this cover!  

Now, I also have a reason to use this dinosaur.  Check back later.  


Leanne said...

The quilt is lovely and clearly your niece loves it, look at her smile! I too got an ipad for Christmas, and now I have to make a cover like yours.

Becky M said...

Love that your niece is so happy with her penguin quilt. it's adorable! Congrats on the ipad, i'm officially jealous! :)

One Shabby Chick said...

Congrats on the ipad :-) and your cover looks fantastic. I'm impressed with the oilcloth - and you quilted it too! That fabric can be hard to work with...looks fantastic!