Friday, March 9, 2012

Progress FLOS2

For my partner in the FLOS swap, I made a zip pouch using a small Ring of Flying Geese block.  I had made the block thinking I was going to use in the larger item I am making for her, but changed my mind and didn't want the block to go to waste.  

This is the back of the zip pouch.  

The next item I made for my partner is a fabric basket.  I used stiff fusible timtex (not sure how that is spelled) so the basket will stay upright.  I was able to iron on the front and back pieces, no quilting involved.  

The back of the fabric basket, or really she can say whichever way she prefers.  I really like how it stands up straight.  I had a hard time getting the side seams sewn, I might try something different if I make another basket.  

My two completed smaller items for my partner.  I hope she likes them!  

And the finishing touches are going on this piece for my partner.  I know it doesn't look like much here, but there is more!  I promise.  

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