Friday, March 30, 2012


I had my bee mates in Sew 2 Speak put together these blocks for me.  I also had a group of local quilters make a few for me to make enough for the quilt top.  These are simple to make, actually simpler if you make them the way a Bento Box should be made.

My intention was a Bento Box quilt using the Michael Miller Going Coastal fabric line.  I didn't really know how Bento Boxes worked, and I had everyone make 4 sections instead of a big one that I cut into 4's.  Whatever!  It worked.  

With the borders!  This may be the quickest I have ever put together blocks from a Bee!  This will be for a friend of mine who is crabby sometimes, but loves to crab!  haha.  Just kidding about the crabby part, in case she reads this.  I have a few extra blocks and they will go on the back or maybe a pillow.

The final 4 Ring of Flying Geese for a Block Swap, I did such a great job getting these together.  Only 2 of them were too small and I had to re-do them both because they weren't for me and if they had been for me I would have left them alone because these are a lot of work.  There were actually 8 blocks in this swap, but these were the 4 I took a photo of together.  

A few of the March Bee Blocks I have completed this week.  It was a sprint to the finish, I procrastinated all month on getting my bee blocks complete.  

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Leanne said...

The blocks are all lovely and your crabby quilt will be lovely. I especially like those orange and grey star blocks.