Friday, June 8, 2012

Bliss is a Bolt of Kona White

How much Kona White do you go through?  I am ALWAYS running out, ordering 2 yards here, buying 2 yards there.  I say, enough of that b/s!  I called my LQS that carries Kona, and asked if they had a bolt of white, they did, so I snatched it up.  I will never run out again!  At least not for a week.  Maybe two.

I was so excited to hold, rub, and pet my bolt, I took it for a little walk around the yard.  She loved the butterfly bush and day lilies.  But then I took her inside and brushed her off, there was a bug crawling on her and I had to real quick get her back into more sanitary conditions.  Also, she needed to be nearer the rotary cutter, I'm just saying, she looks good and all, but she is going in a lot of projects.

I was wondering what everyone else's sewing table looks like when they have a project in progress.  This doesn't even show the other side, which was also full.  or the floor, also full, and ironing board, umm, also loaded down.  I was working on my Modern She Made swap in this photo, it was late at night.  I love the iPad my husband gave me for Christmas, it is so much easier to have it handy for looking at tutorials and photos, rather than printing or lugging the laptop.  

This is the completed mini I made for Modern She Made swap, my partner should be receiving any second.  There were other goodies in the package, but no photos.  I have now commenced some organizing and re-arranging which was past due in the sewing room.  

I made it through some behind Bee Blocks today.  My cleaning progress inspired me to make a little mess.  These are stacked coin blocks for Shawn in my Block Party Bee.  I think I would be in a bee with any of these ladies at any time.  

Block #2 for Shawn.  She chose this Essex Linen, and I am. In. Love.  Next ordering that gets done, this will be on the list.  

I received my goodies from Jessica for Modern She Made Swap.  And O!M!G!  I totally love it.  I saw this bag in the photo stream, but never thought it would be for me, even though it is my colors and that Joel Dewberry bird, baby, so me.  Jessica so spoiled me!  I was so lucky to have her as a partner.  


Jessica E said...

So glad you like everything!
My sewing table doesn't look nearly that clean..even when I'm NOT in the middle of a project (but when is that, really??) I am really bad about cleaning up after I finish one project, I just want to jump right into the next!

Annaliese said...

loving the blue/greens you added to Shawn's Blocks. Your ' wip' table is far more organized than mine. I love the TABLET IDEA! i am constantly shuffling my laptop from ironing board to table to floor so that I can reference tutorials and still have room to cut/ layout. I'll be keeping that in mind ;)

Leanne said...

I so love my bolt of Kona White, I totally get how you feel! And your progress shots are fun.