Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sometimes I make other stuff

I like to make cards, they are quick and done.  (Quicker than a quilt anyway and much quicker than making a whole scrapbook).  Everyone loves to get a card in the mail.  I know I do.  I try to make more than one when I finally settle on something, if I've gone to all the trouble of setting everything out.
Sympathy Card

Quilt blocks and colors often inspire a card.

Aqua and Red Blocks

Aqua and Red in a card, first attempt.  I wasn't entirely happy with the way this one turned out.  Needed more oompphh.  But it was a beginning.

Like with a quilt, you often have to play around to find what suits you.

Second attempt has a little more flair, more embellishments and added grey.

Get well card for a man
 I love birds and I have fabric in abundance with bird prints, like this in this block for my Quilt Around the World II Bee. I chose a color theme from Design Seeds, and the bird fabric fit right in.

I made two of these cards for relatives that had birthdays in June.  Now, my cards almost always come late, that way they stand out.   I'm playing with bleach in this one.  I have to get Q-tips (how can I be out of Q-tips?) to control the bleach a little better.  Now card and stamping stuff has been put away so that I can go back to sewing.  Card making may be quicker than making a quilt, but it sure makes a bigger mess.  I could hardly think that was possible, but it is.

If you love card making or stamping, you can visit my site for Stampin' Up.  

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qwilltr said...

Um...did I get a card in May???

Lovely as always, Mary! ;)