Thursday, June 21, 2012

Zippidy Doo Dah

  • Husband:  What is in that package you got today?
  • Me:  Zippers.
  • H: Zippers?
  • Me:  Yes.
  • H:  How many zippers? that was a pretty big package for just zippers.  
  • Me:  Umm, a few.  Oh, plus there were zipper pulls.  And maybe a little fabric.  
  • H:  Are you going to start sewing clothes now, because I just don't see why you need a couple dozen zippers.  
  • Me:  I don't need them.  I just need to have them on hand for when I do need them.  For some things I am going to make.  In the future.  That I'll use zippers.  And since I haven't made it yet, I didn't know what color, so I got all the colors.
  • H:  So, you bought a couple dozen zippers....
  • Me:  And pulls.
  • H:  And pulls for some time in the future when you might need them.  
  • Me:  Yes.  I'm going to make stuff that requires zippers.
  • H:  Stuff?
  • Me:  Stuff.  
  • H:  .........walks away......probably to bang ahead against wall.
  • Me:  Maybe you shouldn't get the mail anymore. (loudly so he can hear over the banging)

Awesome zippers I ordered from Zip It!  They came super fast.

What won't I be able to make with this rainbow of zippers?

And pulls, don't forget the pulls!

And just because I had to show him I need zippers for stuff I'm going to make, I made a zip pouch.  A zip pouch which required a zipper and a pull.

I like the back of zip pouches to be linen.  I'll need more linen because I have a lot of zippers now.   I'll have to warn him about that package.


Leanne said...

Lovely zips and pulls. Maybe you should make him a handy zipper bag too?

Katie said...

I laughed so hard at this! Husbands just DO NOT get it!

quilary said...

Ha Ha Ha - Classic!

Jana said...

This is a conversation that could have taken place in my house. This morning. LOL

Love the pouch.

Kelly said...

Brilliant! You can NEVER have too many zippers ;-)

H2Ogirl said...

Bahahahaha. I love the conversation! It's ones that I have in my house too!

I love the zippered bag. . it's the perfect in every way!

Melissa said...

LOL! Funniest conversation ever!

Karen said...

This is perfect..and eerily familiar/siimilar zipit! Hehe

LethargicLass said...

This is so stinkin' true and funny!

annette said...

Oh my, still chuckling! But honestly, a dozen is still cheaper than one at the store... Well almost... I what I tell my husband :)