Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sisters Quilt Block Challenge

I was on the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show site a couple of months ago, its a show I would like to go to one day.  All those quilts hanging from buildings, fences, windows, scrumptious viewing!  I noticed there were a couple of challenges, and one I decided I could handle.  The Westminster Fibers Quilt Block Challenge.  I bought the little kit, and in it were these 4 fabrics plus one more, you are limited to these fabrics to make a block, no additions, but you can take away.  I then promptly forgot all about the block challenge and the little kit I paid for.  I was doing some cleaning this weekend in the sewing room and came across the packet, just in time as the challenge block was due June 15.  

So, my idea was to make an owl on the block, machine applique, which was permitted as well as embellishments.  Because, really, these fabrics together?  It was a challenge to figure out how  time they could all go together,  I'm sure once I see all the other challenge blocks, I'll go, yeah, why couldn't I think of that?  Now, does this block look like an owl?  My idea morphed (see my previous post  about bee blocks morphing while in progress).  It was the fabric at the top of this elephant, while I was playing around with the fabrics, the curve reminded me of an elephants back.  My owl is now an elephant.  

Some fusing, some stitching, some embellishments, do I think the elephant is wearing a gold medal?  Or is it reins for a circus?  Maybe a fashionista elephant with a necklace?  I don't know, it is up to the viewer.  The block is 9 1/2" square.  The block won't be returned unless I'm a finalist and  I'm not sure if I'll know if I'm a finalist or not.  You didn't submit your phone # or email, just your address.  

I'm not expecting much from this block contest (I am keeping my fingers crossed, though), but I participated and that was the part that was important to me.  Too often I see challenges and contests, and I know it is something I can do, but I procrastinate (see above) and end up not having enough time to get my challenge finished.  This time I feel good about myself for being part of the event, even if I can't actually be there.    


Brookquilt said...

This is a BEAUTIFUL block!!! Good luck!!!

Jana said...

Beautiful owlephant.

Connie @ said...

Very cute little elephant! I'm heading to Sisters this weekend and I'll keep an eye out for your block. Good luck!