Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sew Sunday - Swaps

Confession - I am a procrastinator.  I rarely get anything finished ahead of time.  I have on occasion done so, but those are the exceptions and I always think something is going to take less time than it actually does.  This is not just in sewing, but my entire life.  This will trip me up when I have to get up at 4 am to get a government form completed that is due that day!  Or complete a swap item that needs to be mailed that day!  

I was in the Sew Sew Modern 2 Swap and I waited until crunch time to finish my items.  I knew what I wanted to make for a few weeks and I had the patterns.  I had them finished a day late, but checking the list of senders I'm not the only late sender, so although I would feel better getting out on the day due, the next day doesn't make me feel too bad.  I will still try in my next swap to do better!

My partner said she liked Echino - something I love too!

I put together the Divided Fabric Basket ( pattern from Noodlehead).  I can get this together now almost without looking at the directions, this is the 8th one I've made.  I love this basket and I hope all these people I'm making them for like them too!  I made the handles with bright pink, my partner said she liked jewel tones, and the pink matched the colors on the front pocket of the basket.  

I also made my partner a Super Tote using the pattern from Noodlehead.  She asked for a tote with a zipper closure.  

I used Echino fabric for the Super Tote

There were a few extras thrown in with the two sewn items.  My partner should receive today, and I hope she will be happy with her items.  

I received my swap items last week, and I am so happy with them.  My secret partner made me a tote (can't have enough of those) and a small knitted bag.  I love the little bag, I have never received anything like that, and I don't knit, so that was really special.  She said the bird on the tote was inspired by a Charley Harper drawing.  I adore this tote! She also included a bit of chocolate no longer available for photographing.  

I am going to work on something this weekend that is WAY behind and show next week.  I hope everyone is doing something they love to do this weekend - summer is here!  

My Gran first dip in the pool, he wasn't quite sure what to make of all that water and no shampooing.

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jeifner said...

That divided basket is beautiful! I also, more often than not, think things take way less time than they really do :)