Monday, May 27, 2013

Super In-Love with my Super Tote

I was beginning to think I would never have the time to sit down with my Super Tote pattern by Anna over at Noodlehead.  Three days ago I was able to pull fabrics and cut the pattern.  Yesterday I was able to mush together the time to sew the exterior and this morning I finished the lining!  

I have had this Alexander Henry print for awhile and I love it, but I never knew quite what I would make with it.  The print is large, the colors make me happy and secretly I always wanted to make something for myself with it.  It is called "veronique" and is from 2007.  

I read through the pattern speed reading  thoroughly and I decided on fabrics for the lining, pockets, gussets and exterior.  I pinned on my design wall to try to keep track.

The lining is all Echo by Lotta Jansdotter.  Which I have also had for awhile and hadn't found anything worthy of using the prints.  The gussets and straps I used Denim (and I think this was Robert Kaufman, but I can't locate my receipt, so maybe).  Here is the front exterior with outside pocket and handle attached.  The fabric on the left is what I decided to use for the recessed zipper.  

Per the pattern options I used duck and SF101 on the exterior pieces, the duck where I used quilters cotton on the exterior not on the gussets which had the thicker denim.  I did use SF101 on the gussets.

I installed a magnetic snap for the exterior pocket.  Luckily for me Anna - Noodlehead put up a tutorial the other day so I wasn't lost or staring at the snap for an hour like it would eat me.  The snap works too.

I made my zipper longer than the instructions called for.  I had seen someone else's Super Tote finish in person and I thought I might like it with a longer zipper.  I can tuck in the ends, no problem.  I wanted to have full access opening of the tote.  The pattern calls for 18" zipper mine was 22".

I have seen some photos of finished Super Totes with water bottles and iPods for working out. My take on that.

Super Happy and In Love with my Super Tote!  

I'm going to spray the exterior with Scotchguard.  I would like to try adding some of those feet to the bottom to keep it standing and keep the bottom clean, if I make another for myself. 

Keep Calm and Quilt On!


jeifner said...

It looks fabulous! Great use of that fabric. I am also suitably impressed with your workout gear-will do the same :)

Anna said...

love it!! beautiful work. And great idea about keeping the pattern pieces all sorted out. :)

Michelle said...

Found your blog through IG :) It looks like this pattern cuts as one would with sewing. I jokingly say that I don't sew, I quilt. The whole concept of sewing scares me...haha! So...dumb question, but is cutting a pattern more difficult than rotary cutting for quilting? I still have nightmares from failing my sewing unit in Home Ec class a hundred years ago ;-)!!!

SewLindaAnn said...

Wonderful job on the pattern!