Thursday, October 10, 2013

Superman for Liam

The baby quilt I started here I was able to finish and deliver to the Momma at the hospital.  My dear dear DEAR hubby kept asking me 'What's the rush?' Well, the baby is coming and then he was HERE and I wanted the quilt to be given to him right after he was born.  "Because you didn't know he was coming?"  I do love this man - I need him to remind me of my time management issues - daily.  

 This was where I left off in the last post - randomized HST in the teal, orange, and gray.

The first border

The second border - the camera doesn't like the orange too well

I decided to use Minky or Shannon Cuddle for the back, I'm not sure of the brand I had.  I had almost enough in a aqua color for the back.

I quilted diagonally on each row and then I followed the vertical rows.  This was my first time quilting on Minky, and I didn't want any surprises with bunching up or thread breaking so I kept it simple.

I used King Tut quilting thread by Superior.  I have quite a bit of this on hand, before discovering Aurifil, King Tut was my go-to thread for quilting.  There are a lot of variegated colors in the King Tut line.  

Bound and ready for the wash.  I used a decorative machine stitch for the binding.

I did not have quite enough of the aqua Minky for the back.  I improvised with a left over piece from another project - stores just aren't open at midnight.  

After the wash, I had the Gran give the quilt his seal of approval, he says 'Yes'!

The quilt was delivered at the hospital as planned and I am sure will receive much love and cuddling in the next few months.  
On to the next!
Keep Calm and Quilt On!

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Issabella The Cat said...

"Because you didn't know he was coming?" made me laugh, I have the same issues!
It looks amazing the pattern and the colours are spot on. All of those HST - you're a brave woman I'd have lost my marbles getting them to match up!