Thursday, October 31, 2013

Cascade Quilt and Pattern Give Away!

Not too long ago one of the quilters I follow on Instagram asked for pattern testers for a new quilt pattern she had made.  This is the beautiful and talented Susannah Kate and the quilt is The Cascade Quilt.  

I volunteered to be a pattern tester with the intention of getting a quilt finished for a nursery.  I had made all the other items (here) and the baby is now 5 months old, and I think he has waited long enough for his quilt.  The rest of the nursery was done with the Sarah Watts line Timber and Leaf.  I had plenty of fabric to make a good size quilt.

I will be the first to admit that I am not that good at following a pattern.  I get lost, I skip steps, I don't read - just look at the photos.  Well, guess what?  Susannah made a pattern just for me!  This one was laid out perfectly.  I very easily followed and stuck to the directions.  Thanks, Susannah!

This is a fat quarter friendly pattern.  First thing she tells you is to cut your pieces and put them into baggies labeled with numbers 1 - 10.  Done.  

I did have some quarter yard cut pieces vs fat quarters that I used in this pattern, and they worked just as well.  

After getting everything up on the design wall, and Susannah has each row measured out for you in her diagram (she's done all the math y'all!) I decided on some minor changes.  One, there were animals in some of the prints and I wanted them all right side up if possible.  I didn't have enough of one of the fabrics to do this, but several of the others I did, so I made a few extra cuts to get my animals going in the right direction. 

Two, before sewing my rows together, (and I just pulled pieces down from the design wall and started going), I moved a few of my fabrics around to get a better balance of colors.  I felt there were several of the darker shades bunched together, and I switched two of the fabrics around.  Right now, I can't even tell you which two they were, so it must have worked!  And lastly, I traded out one of the solids I had included for another print in the Timber and Leaf line, I felt the solid was too close to the background color and was lost.  So you can make these minor changes before you start sewing because everything is laid out for you in the diagram. 

 Trying to get a good photo on a very windy day was not working out.

Had to use two holders

I took a few more on a much less windy day - as this is still just a top in the line to be quilted.  

I used Kona Natural for the background color.  There is another Kona solid thrown into the mix and a Riley Blake print, which will also be used for the binding.  

Guess what?  You can enter to win a free pattern! Just leave a comment below, that's all you have to do!  (Make sure I can email you for your winnings if you do enter, please) I will be drawing the random winner at the end of the blog hop.
You can also visit Susannah Kate's Etsy shop if you would like to purchase the pattern.  

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Also,  please  visit  Amber  @ She  has written a  great post about the Cascade quilt  pattern  and  has such cute  pictures!  
We  are  all Instagrammers and  have a wonderful feed under the hashtag  #cascadequilt. You will find more  wonderful examples  of  the  Cascade quilt  including  a  beautiful  one made with all solids!  Include your own Cascade  quilt  We'd  all  love  to  see  it!     


Ella said...

Great quilt! I love the Timber and Leaf line!

Cindy Gillis said...

I love your quilt. Thank you for the giveaway.

Joyce said...

Just lovely...great colors!

DeborahGun said...

love your version :-)

Crickets Corner said...

What a cute quilt! Love the colors!

Shauna said...

Love it, such great colors

Tamie said...

I love seeing all the different fabrics choices the testers have used. Lovely quilt.

Lisa Mather said...

Very handsome quilt!

Gill said...

Fabulous - I love your version!

Jana said...

This is gorgeous. Perfect for a little boy. Love the colors you used.

java diva said...

Perfect fabric line for Cascade!!

qwilltr said...

That turned out very nice. You either already had this done or you are feeling a little better? Thanks for the giveaway!

Amy's Crafty Shenanigans said...

A fabulous quilt top - lovely and neutral fabrics and design :)

leanne said...

that looks great mary - and love the name too ! would love to make one :)

roxanne said...

I love it! Ive been thinking of a plus quilt. This would be great!

roxanne said...

I love it! Ive been thinking of a plus quilt. This would be great!

anne said...

Great quilt love the colours. Would love this pattern to make quilts for the brushfire families in Sydney Australia.