Sunday, October 30, 2011

Aqua and Orange Bee String Blocks

These are the fabrics I choose for my month in the Aqua and Orange Bee.  I added the browns to the mix, there is one fabric, it is in the back, and it has orange, brown and aqua,  I wanted to include this fabric.  I'm not quite sure how the browns are going to play out, but I love my finished blocks, so I know I can make it work.  Everyone will get strips in one colorway, and 4 foundation pieces, which come together to make one block.  

The foundation is Ricky Tims Stable Stuff, this will wash away to softness after quilting and washing, so no need to remove after sewing.  Please note the placement of the Kona white, you need 2 diagonals going in each direction.  Since the foundation is not square, they aren't interchangeable - believe me, I tried!

Some of you may choose to pin the white strip down before sewing.  I just pressed it flat with my iron and held on to it.  Place the first string strip on top of the white, right sides together, and work your way out with the next strip going on top of the first aqua (or whatever your color is) after pressing.  I would sew down one side, and then the other for time saving.

I found that it was a good tip to press each strip flat, right sides together. 

Then open up and press again for a good seam.  Have a piece of the white Kona for your last strip on each side.  The strips are different sizes, may be wonky, you can wonk something that isn't or make the strip narrower if you need.  Please do not add anything, if you come up short just send back what you have made. 

After sewing on all your strips, your back may look like this.  Trim down to the foundation, which should be 7.5" X 9.5".  

I would like to have white on each corner, so they come together in squares where the blocks intersect.  You should have 4 sections like this when you are finished trimming.  Sew together to make 1 block, pressing seams to one side.  The foundations will seem thick, but not to worry, no need to remove!  
Thank you so much Bee Mates!

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H2Ogirl said...

Love it my dear! I can't wait to see the package. Oh and the hints on the directional pattern I will need to read read and re-read! :)