Sunday, January 22, 2012

If you sew, you also Unsew

What do you unsew with?  It's a rule, if you sew, especially piecing and quilting, there will be unsewing involved.  I have several tools that can be used for unsewing.  They are all handy and I use the thread clippers often, I keep them by my machine, but not for unsewing seams.  My preference for unsewing seams is the knife with blade.  I find it to be quickest getting into the seams and cutting through the threads rather than clipping threads.  For picking out quilting, which I am loath to do, probably one of the other instruments would be better suited.  I cringe when someone talks about picking out quilting stitches.

You can hold your pieces of fabric like this and slice through the seam with the knife.  Once you get your hold of the two pieces being separated down pat, the slicing goes super fast.    

Make sure your blade is going down, not up towards your face and fingers.  I would say, don't try this at home, but, you know, it's where we all are.  I haven't yet sliced myself with this blade, but you can see a scar on my index from slicing with a rotary blade. I've done that now so many times, I have my first aid kit nearby and can bandage without a break in sewing.  Ask me how I took these photos by myself....I held the knife in my mouth, (also don't do that at home), and had the camera balanced on top of my machine.   I use both hands when actually unsewing.

I'm making pillow covers.  I want to make a few, and I needed practice and found a good tutorial.  I'll post the link when I get these completed.  These will be sent to the family with the Sherbet Pips quilt.  I had some leftover fabrics and thought this would be a good use of them.

I have quilted and bound this Tropical Paradise, but the sun won't come out for photos, it's been days.  

A close up of the back and quilting.  


Jackie said...

I've heard good things about the exacto knife looking seam ripper. I must try one! You bring up another good point about the first aid kit. I don't have one in my sewing room and really should. I think I have a couple of band aids but near not at the cutting table. Not smart!

Leanne said...

I generally am reluctant to do what you suggest for fear of slicing the fabric, but it is fast and I have done it when I am less worried if I mess up. Usually I pick out the stitches slowly and carefully. Pillows are a great idea to go with your quilt and the quilting looks great on your quilt, I look forward to a sunny day so we can see it.