Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I'm fairly certain, we will never see the sun again

If I keep waiting for the sun to take photos, it will be June I'm sure before I can get any.  This is where Tropical Paradise started, with using up blue Kaffe Fassett fabrics.  Now, me and Kaffe have a 'thing', but, personally blue isn't one of my favorite colors.  Oh, those vendors they know how to stack the fabrics just right in a booth, and the whole stack ends up in my bag, no matter the colors.  And then I have a stack of blues and greens.  That stack sure does look good sitting on the shelf!  I know blue is the favorite of a lot of people, so eventually I will find a use.

I sent off packages to my bee mates in Sew Modern Quilt Bee, to make reverse confetti blocks.  I wanted to use up all these blue prints, and I did!  The blocks were 10.5" unfinished, a very manageable size.

This is how it came together a few months ago.  My bee mates did a wonderful job!  I did such a good job using up all the blue prints, that I wasn't sure what to add for another border.  Luckily for this quilt top, my SIL came over, loved the vibrancy of this top, and picked it for herself.  Then she went through my fabric closet and found a border fabric that picked up on all the tropical flower motifs in the other prints.

This is where the back started, a mix of  Konas and shot cottons.

 I have to say, I just adore this back.  I had the perfect amount of print for the border and back.  I quilted boxes and lines all over, sometimes following the block pieces, sometimes going through them.  It was a random adventure.

Tropical Paradise came out to 66" X 77".  

And the back came out just the same measurements.  It looks like it is floating, right?  The wind was kicking just a little.

I'm not a fussy labeler, but I do want there to be a label.  I usually add the name of the quilt in thread on the front, I free motion script.  

With the recipients name, my name, and the year.  The year is always a little tricky to script in.  I had this quilted before Christmas, I just didn't have the binding on until last week.  I took the quilt for a test drive on my sofa after it's first wash, and it was wonderfully warm and comfy, just as a quilt should be.  My whole plan of using the blues and finding the right person for the quilt all came together, and no matter the sun, it's a beautiful day when a quilt has a new home.


Becky M said...

It came out fantastic! great job. So how do you feel about blue now that you've finished an entire blue quilt!? hee hee!

Quilter in The Gap aka Rhonda said...

Absolutely amazing quilt!!!

Shocking Hocking said...

oh i'm a fan of kaffe too - love this quilt - great finish