Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sew Bee It - April Directions Garden Lattice

For Sew Bee It April blocks I chose the Garden Lattice block on pg 80 of Modern Blocks 99 Quilt Blocks.  These are the variety of pastel fabrics which will be the Lattice pieces.  I bought this stack so long ago with the intention of using them all in one quilt.  Now I have the chance!  

Here is a sample of what you will receive in your fabric packet, the pastel strips (which will be cut for you), 4 6.5" squares of Kona black with the corners removed into triangles.  You will have enough for 2 blocks, 12.5" unfinished.

First cut the 6 1/2" 'square' in half, you can find the 1/2 mark by folding in half and pressing with your iron to make a mark.  Cut there, I cut all 4 squares for each block at once.

Sew one of the longer print strips in between the two halves.  Press seams OPEN please.  Trim the tales.  The print strips are cut longer than you need.  

Cut the 'squares' in half again to insert the second longer strip.  I mixed up the colors, you can put whichever colors together for each square and block.

Photo of 'square' with second cut.  

What I did when I was sewing the 2 halves together again, was mixed up the sides so different colors went together.  You can do this or keep the same halves together.  I was going for a variety in the colors.  Now you can lay out the final pieces.  You sew one of the shorter colored strip to one of the longer sides of the black 'square', then the triangle to that.  I laid it out first.  Also, first I sewed the strips to the short end of the black 'square' and this was wrong.  Make sure you sew to the longer black sides.  

Trim up all 4 squares.

Sew together the 4 squares matching seams as best as possible.  Mine aren't perfect and my block came out 12.5" X 12.25".  I can work with that, so don't fret if you are a little off, quilt police will not be involved.  Putting in all the extra seams you will need to be careful sticking with 1/4" seam allowance, or even just a scant.  

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