Sunday, April 1, 2012

Design Camp 2 - April Instructions

Welcome Design Camp Bee Mates!  I've put together a little tutorial of my block.  This is what you will get in your packet ~ Solid Kona Butter, a selection of strips of browns/oranges/yellows Kaffe Fasset prints, and strips of Kona Sienna (not pictured).  Also, I took most of these photos at night, so not too good of light ~ I swear these prints are pretty in real life.

Start by making the chevrons.  Now, I kinda searched for a tutorial on line for these, didn't come up with anything, so I just tried to figure it out on my own.   I took the square (provided) and built with strips on two sides of the square.  The strips are different widths and you can mix up the sizes and prints, no two sides need be alike.

Keep building!  Press your seams OPEN if you would, and lower your stitch length to lower than 2, I use 1.9 personally when pressing seams open.  (Ummm, I should wash my ironing board cover now that I'm looking at these photos.  It looks gross.)

Keep building until you have something like this, make it large enough that when you cut the 4" chevron (next photo) your chevron is at least 13.5" long, just to make sure you're covered in the unfinished block of 12.5".  (after I finished two of these log cabin style, I almost changed my mind about the block, these looked so delicious, but not to worry I have plenty of Kaffe Fassett fabric to make more later!)

I enlarged this photo (also taken at night) so you can sorta see how I lined up the 4" ruler at the bottom with the original square you started sewing on.  

After you cut, you should end up with 2 nice triangles and a chevron.  The chevron should be 4" wide.  

Add the Kona Butter to the sides of the chevron.  Do not square yet.

Do whatever improv you want, I have 2 examples of just a little bit and a little bit more.  Then square up your unfinished block to 12.5".  You should have plenty of strips and Kona solid to work with.

Sample 1.  I used the Kona Sienna to cut the chevron in half.

Sample 2.  I added a piece of the left over triangles to this block.  You can improv as much or as little as you want.  

Please, only use the fabrics I send and I would like the left over triangles and any useable fabric returned.  And Thank you!  I'm in love with the Kona Butter!  


designcamp said...

Hi Mary, I hereby present you with a Leibster Award! Congrats! It's Michelle from Design Camp. Read more about it here:

Quilting Mom said...

Great tutorial Mary...!!