Saturday, April 14, 2012


After getting started on sorting, folding and organizing my fabrics, I ran out of the folding boards, and did not want to wait on one of the boys to re-stock, they do not understand the immediacy of organizing your fabric.  Well, it's a good thing I ventured into the comic store myself - these boards come in TWO SIZES!  Totally unaware.

The smaller size is perfect for those smaller pieces of fabric, less than 1/2 yard more than fat quarter type deals.  My finger aches from sticking myself so many time with pins getting them onto the folded fabric, I don't like floppy.  You think after the fist 20 sticks I could get it right, or maybe wear a thimble?  Wow, I just thought of that as I was typing.  I might have a thimble laying around here somewhere.  

I did have many fat quarters that just would not fit on a board.  I did some re-folding of those and neat stacking.  Not to worry if your stacks aren't this neat, come back in a month, it will look nothing like this.

Some of the Kona Solids.  After this photo, I ventured to the right and folded that stack on boards. The fabrics are looking so pretty and are itching to be used.  Well, some of them are; some, I'm thinking 'what, exactly, was I thinking when I shelled out for this?' And it may never see a folding board, I just don't want to look at it.

After 3 days of folding and not stitching an inch, I am thoroughly sick of and burned out on folding.  Time to start stitching.  And I was able to pull some of these boards out, finding fabric right away.  Amazing.  Boards are now scattered around the room in little stacks.  Which means the organizing just never ends.  

Pretty little vintage sheet blocks for Susan in the Block Party Bee.  All the blocks in this bee are coming from the book Black Party Bee.  A great resource for modern blocks.

And a simple little block for Annaliese  in the  Gone Quiltin Bee, this bee just started up last month.  Annaliese is making a quilt for her sister who is graduating college and these are the university colors.  See, I got something done.


Annaliese said...

okay I've heard of the comic board trick, but to see it in action... gotta wonder why I haven't tried this yet? Your stash looks great!

Leanne said...

Your fabric is looking wonderful, and so are the blocks. A thimble is a good idea too.