Monday, April 23, 2012

A little Tut for NuBees

Ohh, I love this block! I love it so much I have made it several times for many others in Swaps and Bees and NOT once for myself!  

Sew strips together until you have 2 blocks which are 10.5", the strips can be various sizes or the same width, your choice.  I go with different widths.  

This block is for NuBees Swap, I have participated in this group before and I have made the same block before, but it is all new quilt peeps in this group, so they don't care!  I like this block swap, you can pick which months you want to participate and you chose your colors.  I was a fill in for someone, so I'm a little late getting to the blocks, but they will still be on time.  I digress....THIS STEP is lay the 10.5" blocks right sides together with strips um, opposite, opposing?  not really sure what you would call it, but look at the photo, lay them like that.  And pin.  

Next, sew a 1/4" seam ALL the way around the block.

Cut the sewn together blocks in half on the diagonal, and try to keep the pieces together, then cut again on the other diagonal.

You'll have 4 pieces like this.  Press them open.

Lay them out like this and sew quarters together.  

Viola!  Competed block.  

And another.  These were all for ladies in my NuBees hive, I have just one more to complete for this month.

And another.  I first made this block in a bee for someone else, and I have loved it since.  One day I'll chose it for my block in a bee and I'll finally get some for me.


Mommy Made It! said...

Really like this block! Can't wait to see this block in my colors!! Thanks for the quick tute!!

Just started following, can't wait to learn more!!

Linda said...

What a great block! I can see why you want to make it over and over again.

Linda said...

What a great block! I can see why you want to make it over and over again.

qwilltr said...

I owndered what a TUT was. LOL That's a nice block, Mawry! You should make a bunch of them for yourself!


QuiddityRox said...

love love love

Jess said...

thanks for the tute! They look so great for not a ton of work. I wonder what a whole top would look like with them...

ecseteacher said...

Hi Mary, These are adorable! I can't wait to try them. I found a link to your tute on Pinterest & surprise, you are local to me (Hampton)! This will be perfect for the strips I picked up over the weekend & had no idea what I was going to do with them ;) I am learning as I go. Thanks for the idea & terrific tute!

Unknown said...

Love this block. Thanks for the tutorial