Thursday, April 19, 2012

Four Patch Frenzy

In a slump?  We can always fall back on that trusty little four patch for simplicity and back to basic mind frame.  

I've had a commission for a couple of months, although I did tell them it wouldn't be started until March, I'm now feeling some pressure to get this off my list of brazillion things to accomplish this month.

You just have to love the four patch, so quick, so simple, many done in moments.  Yet, versatile and can add pop of color.  See that bit of lime?  POP!

There is nothing wrong with the four patch, although I see less and less of them these days.  How else did you begin your quilting adventure if not with the four patch?  It is a fundamental component of many basic blocks.  When you are lacking in creativity, let's head back to our roots.  

Get them up on the board and play around.  Really, the light is not this creepy in my room, I think the shadow is me taking the photo.

Start filling in holes and move around your babies.

I'm using sunflower fabrics for the theme of this quilt, the intended recipient is a traditional type person and I felt the four patch for the foundation of her quilt was appropriate.  I'm filling in holes and working on a border.  Plus a little something personal that requires a bit of extra attention.  Suddenly I feel creativity moving back in....
This is a Kaffe Fassett pattern from one of his books that I will find and add a link in a later post.  I try to always give credit where it is due.

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