Sunday, July 1, 2012

Where'd June go?

I'm linking up today with Lily's Quilts  and the Small Blog Meet.

Sometimes the end of the month gets here, and I notice that all my plans for the month have been set aside, pushed aside, cluttered up the floor and cutting table, and just in general not gotten too.  Hey, it's summer!  We've been doing stuff!  Fun stuff!  Like lounging on the sofa because it's too hot to do anything.

I did manage to get to a few sewing obligations and other wise.
1.  My block choice for Quilt Around the World II

2.  A wonky house block to finish up a month in Design Camp, I'm loathe to admit this block was way way past due, I had a block trying to finish this block for the bee.  

3.  My block choice for Sister Outdoor Quilt Show block challenge, this came out pretty good, even though she started out as an owl - someone called her an owlephant, I died laughing.  

4-6.  We will just call this Shanna's row, because I had to make her blocks for 2 different bees, plus I made her this little emergency stash pouch, for when she runs out of Ash.  Emergency Ash Stash, get it?  Go to her blog and see.  This month, I'll be making Shanna more blocks, we seem to gravitate to the same bees, or pull each other in kicking and screaming, whichever.

7.  My very large family has 4 weddings this year,  I seem to have started something with making signature blocks for each wedding, which will become a quilt.  These squares are for the next wedding coming up - dark pink and light pink.   I make these blocks with a 5 1/2" base so there is more room to write a wedding message.

8.  One of my favorite blocks, the uneven stacked coin, I made 4 of these for NuBees on Flickr

9.  And finally, I made a few cards for some friends - My other hobby or the other activity that makes a huger mess than sewing.  

There were a few other bee blocks I made and one other very late bee block, which all could go in this mosaic, but I didn't want to make a mosaic of just bee blocks I made for other people.  When the end of the month arrives and I look back at what I have accomplished in the sewing room, sometimes I am disappointed that there weren't more finished projects.  But I do know that sometimes I only have a short amount of time to commit to the sewing room, and it is nice to get something checked off your list, like a bee block.  What I have done is cut back on my bee commitments, cut back on my swap commitments and I plan to take an inventory of all my stacks of bee blocks and swap blocks that I would like to finally get together.  As soon as I finish those last of June bee blocks I'm working on today........tee hee.


Foster said...

Wow you have been very busy even if you say it has been to hot and you've been laying on the couch. Somehow your work proves you otherwise! Stopping by from Lily's Quilts.

Jennie said...

Hi, I linked in from Lily's Quilts, your owlephant is so lovely; how did you come up with him?

Leanne said...

Those are all lovely. It is not always about the finishing, as long as we have fun along the way.

Kelly said...

Sometimes you have to step away from the sewing machine - lovely makes!

H2Ogirl said...

Bahaha! I have a whole ROW! I love it! Yeah know that my row is well loved for sure!

Can't wait to see what we'll do next, let's skip-to-my-lou this time!