Thursday, July 19, 2012

It's 4 a.m., of course I'm sewing

I have issues sleeping - like I can asleep in the car / plane/ train / boat within 5 mins of the movement starting - but in my own bed, I can't stay asleep.  I often see 4 a.m., it's quiet, not too hot, no one is stirring, nothing on TV; often I will do things like pay bills, laundry, clean the kitchen floor.  Real exciting stuff.  Or sew.  

This week I have seen precious little of my sewing room, I won't bore you with all that I have to do - it's life, sometimes it's boring/ busy, and it only is a burden to me.  I'm sure all of you have your own boring / busy schedule to work around.
While seeing 4 a.m. on Tuesday, I just thought I would die if I didn't get through some bee blocks.  

These are for Bee A Modern Swapper Bee / Swap.  What I like about this Bee is that we use our own fabric stash.  However, this caused me a little problem one month when I completely forgot about the Bee because I didn't have a little packet for a visual clue!  This month I am on time!  I'm probably already known as the late swapper, and on the bad bee'er list.

This block is for a girl in Running with Scissors Bee, she is in the UK, so I wanted to get her block back on it's way across the pond.  This block was fun, fun being after I realized there were two different size arrows and I didn't mess up her block.  I can mess up my own stuff any time all the time, but when I think I'm sewing someone else's block all like I never have sewn a seam before, I feel like crying.  And usually, it is the simple blocks that get me, this one wasn't hard at all.  Look at it, does it look hard?  The pattern for this quilt is in Moda Bake Shop, I like it, so I'll keep this one on my list to go back to one day, in that bubble of time that exists in my imagination where I have all the time in the world to sew everything I want.  With all my stash, because that is what I am saving it for - the apocalypse.  Zombis need to stay warm too.  

I joined a group Quilting for a Cause, anyone on Flickr can join.  If you have need of a charity quilt, you list your needs on a new thread and people jump in to help.  You can ask for help or make blocks for others.  I made this block for a lady in Canada, she is making a quilt for someone she feels deserves it.  She asked for grey / aqua / yellow improv blocks.  I like this concept, you jump in when you can and you are helping someone out.

I'm getting to these pretty pets maybe next week.  

I'm going to heed the mantra:

Keep Calm and Sew on!

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