Friday, July 6, 2012

Step 1 Step 2 - The Two Step

I have not been working on this for a LOOONNNGGGG time, I started wayyyy back here.  To refresh, I'm in a challenge with a LQG, we are doing a series based on color.  Making a finished 12" block for each color choice.  The first step was yellow.  

 My thought process started with tea bags and maybe a tea cup in a window, but where I ended up was with a 'Cinderella Moment' and a dress hanging, waiting.  Maybe it's waiting for tea.  My thoughts do not take a straight line.

I was going for an open window and wanted a bird to play a part in this block.  I ended up stamping a bird on the window cloth, using Staz On - Timber.  He's a cutie!  Gives me a reason to justify all those stamps I have.  At least this one.

All done.  The dress is hanging waiting for Cinderella to arrive.  

The dress is a piece of silk and at the bottom I attached a gold Godiva Chocolate wrapper, the whole thing covered in tulle.  I stitched the hanger free motion.  The saying is 'Every Girl Deserves a Cinderella Moment'.  

Step 2 is (was) Purple.  This was due in May.  Pink is actually due now - but let's not get too far ahead of me.
Ok - starting with a piece of PFD cotton, larger than the 12' finished - approx 15".

This one was almost a 'winging it' situation - I did purposely decide to combine two elements I love - stamping and quilting.  I stamped this onto the PFD piece, the stamp is text in French - I have no idea what it says, probably something like 'shop here and spend your money'.  I obliged.    

Then I took these kick-ass watercolor crayons and colored all over the piece - just like first grade - you don't even have to stay in the lines.  (these are available at Dharma Trading - perhaps other places.)  Another purchase justified!  I'm on a roll.

After stamping and coloring this is what the piece looks like. 

After taking water to the crayon markings, I used a q-tip, which I don't recommend, but I didn't have a small brush. The q-tips took forever.  You can blend the colors and outline, the stamp ink is Staz On, and that is what it does, makes a nice outline to follow for the coloring and the following thread painting.   

Thread painting is really just stitching.

Finished Step 2 Purple 12" square

Taa Daa.  Now I'm only one step behind.  Story of my life.  I would never make it in the corporate world, I can not stick to a deadline.  I forgot to add the sleeves to the back, now I'll have to HAND STITCH them on.  I might die, I'll keep you posted.  Now, I'm in search of more purchases that I can justify by using once.

Stay Sweet - and Sew On.

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Leanne said...

Those little quilts look fun. I especially like the purple one. You can just put two triangles in the corners for such a little quilt but I don't even do that I hang them with pins in my wall.