Monday, July 30, 2012

All this counts as sewing


Me:  I would like to sew today, so I need you to do that other stuff without me.  
Husband:  Well, Ok, I need to do blah, blah blah.

One hour later

H:  I thought you were going to sew?
Me:  I am, but I'm looking at some photos on Flickr first.  And reading what blocks I'm supposed to be making.  And looking at some blog posts, and that new magazine I got, you know catching up.  
H:  Cause if you aren't sewing I could use help with blah, blah, blah
Me:  Well, let me sew some of these bee blocks first, and then I'll help you.  

One hour later

H:  I thought you were going to sew?
Me:  This counts.
H:  Ordering fabric?  That does not count.  
Me:  It does too!  And I'm saving money this stuff is on sale.
H:  Buying is not saving money.
Me:  Don't get all technical.  
H:  Do not buy any fabric!
Leaves the house.
Me:  Fine, he didn't say 'don't buy shoes', if we are being all technical.  

One hour later.

H:  Are you ever actually going to sew on your sewing day?  
Me:  I did sew, you weren't looking.  
H:  Well, now I'm finished with blah, blah, blah so I can watch some of the Olympics. 

Mission Accomplished.  

Really I did sew some things, like this Crazy Quilt block for Quilt Around the World II, this was my very first Crazy Quilt block ever, and it was fun.  I'm not sure I could make a whole quilt of these, but one was totally doable.  I used linen, silk, upholstery fabric, embellished with buttons stamp and some velvet ribbon; all on a foundation of muslin.  This package is now on the move to the next person.

This block is for Block Party Bee, we each are choosing blocks from the Block Party book.  She chose "Connecting the Dots" block.  The circles are fused and zig zag stitched around the edges.

And I also completed a block for Annaliese in Running with Scissors Bee, I only had to make one block for her, and she made it very simple by having all the pieces pre cut for the group.

Surprise!  I went on the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show 2012 photography site, and found my block!  Arrhhhhaaa!!!  I don't know if I will win anything, there are some great blocks on display, but I felt so good seeing my block on display with everyone else's.  Here is my block:

And here you can see it right at this lady's elbow, plus a lot of other fantastic blocks (I love how her outfit matches all the blocks):

Don't forget to enter for your chance to win the Kona Color Chart Give Away! Here, Drawing Aug 1, 2012.

Keep Calm and Sew On.  


Jessica @ Plum Patchwork said...

This post totally cracked me up - I have sewing days like this all the time!

H2Ogirl said...

OMG this is so funny! Totally counts!