Friday, August 24, 2012

Minky Business

While my life has been super busy the last few months, I have tried to get to my sewing machine as much as possible.  Some nights, I admit, I'm just not feeling creative nor have the energy to move my butt off the sofa and behind my machine.  
When I do eventually get there, I am having a ball.  I am focusing on completing projects.  And some projects just jump in my lap.  
My daughter's friend had a baby the other day, and wanting to visit, but not wanting to be gift-less, I put together a quick minky receiving blanket.  It doesn't hurt that I purchase items and then they are sitting on the shelf waiting for a moment when I need a quick turn around.
Monkey Minky and a 1 yard piece of flannel.

And, whoa, look at that, the PERFECT thread.
Quick, I'll tell my husband that my purchasing powers have come in handy.  
Maybe not.

Minky blankets can be simple and quick, or as complex as you want.  
I go for simple and quick.  Lay the pieces wrong sides together and trim so they are even, pin a few spots.

For a finished look you can round the corners.  I stacked all the corners together, ran my rotary very LIGHTLY to get a line for cutting, then cut on the line.

You can zig zag or button hole stitch the edge, I used button hole stitch, and you're done.  
I think I will use my other machine next time that has a 9MM opening for a wider stitch.
Literally, I had this done in 30 minutes.  Including cleaning machine, threading, changing feet (walking foot), and clean up of minky lint (which is an unfortunate by product of this fabulous fabric).  A receiving blanket soft and comfy on both sides.

And now you have a present for a special little one.  He's not really ultra small, I just look ultra big holding him.  He was a normal just born baby weight.  Snug and cozy in his new minky blanket.

Obligatory Nelly photo.  She likes to swim.

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