Monday, August 27, 2012

One Billion Squares

Honestly, that is a slight exaggeration, only half a billion.  At least a brazillion.
At least, that is what it feels like.  
When my son was married in May, I jumped at the chance to make them a signature quilt.  I made a mountain of squares in the wedding colors.  It was mostly fun and I felt like I had a great idea.

My Momma graciously helped.
At the reception they were all signed, and some were sent out to family that could not make it.  I'm still waiting for some to be returned, so there hasn't been a quilt made yet, but I so love this idea!

I love it so much, when my cousin asked if I would make one for them for their wedding in September, I said, well, of course!

Her colors were so scrumptious, I even love the scraps.

So many of these squares were made for her and some were sent off to our far flung family.  As my family is humongous, and I have yet another cousin who is getting married on the exact same day on the opposite side of the country (literally WA and RI), and I just felt, well if I am making one, I should make the other too.  I can't be cousin selective, except for the part where I can only attend one wedding.  I tried to clone myself like Fred Flintstone and the results were pretty much the same as his.

Through the summer, both weddings are on September 2, I am washing fabrics, cutting squares and sewing little squares onto the corners of big squares.
Now, here is the crap part.  I made the very first ones for my son and bride 5", a nice round number.  I made the pink wedding 5 1/2", why?  I have no idea.  I made the blue wedding 5", made more pink ones just so I could confuse myself, and then made some blue wedding 5 1/2".  And because I was so ahead of the game,  I sent off the 5 1/2" blue ones to family members to sign.  
Do you see what happened there?  Ahead, right?  I am never ahead.
I had to recall those, at that point I had many more 5" than 5 1/2".  And thinking I was so close to being done with squares, I had to pull an almost all nighter to get them done for the wedding in WA next weekend because I screwed up the measurement. 

 I so enjoy making more work for myself.  And wasting fabric.  And counting.  How many possible times can you count to 10, and then think, wait?  was that 10?  I tell you, a LOT, especially after 1 a.m.  I don't want to count squares for a very long time.

I have - mostly - enjoyed this project and I do enjoy reading what people write on their square.  Now, these squares are going with me to RI, and the other ones are in WA and I can drink much wine this weekend.  Much needed wine.

My friend pointed this out to me Pinterest, and coffee came out my nose.

Keep Calm and ummm, Sew On
Can't really look at the sewing table the same can you?


Leanne said...

That is a lot of squares, what a great family project and such a nice keepsake.

Jo Jo said...

This post is hilarious! Sounds exactly like me, the best of intentions, then cocking it all up! Love your pinterest pic too - hope the much needed wine went down well too and the weddings are fun (when they happen!) Jo Jo (from Quilt Around the World)

Quilting Mom said...

So many little time..what an ambitious project! I am SURE that both couples will love their quilts!

Jessica @ Plum Patchwork said...

Best hey girl ever! Mmmm...
I did a siggy swap once and I remember counting, counting, and recounting I feel your pain!

Brookquilt said...

But remember....remove all sharp objects from that sewing table first....