Sunday, August 12, 2012

Whewwww - Finally!

Yippeee!  Finally had a few hours for sewing today.  It was great, much needed mental therapy to hear the machine humming along.  
I had a number of Bee Blocks to finish up, some for July and a couple for August.  One I had completely forgotten about - which I feel bad about, but now it's done and will be on its way to Australia.  If my block was late to you, my apologies.  

Here we go!
Mod Mosaic blocks for Leanne in Design Camp 2, July.  
She sent out bright pink and greens, this will be one happy quilt.  I used up most of the fabrics she sent, and she said that she was low - so I sent back a few extra fabrics that are in the same color families she maybe can include in her quilt.

Improv House Block for Kelly in Gone Quilting Bee, July.  
Kelly wanter her houses pieced, which was a challenge for me, I usually make these house blocks with machine applique.  I think mine looks like an ice cream cone house.  The background is Muslin, and I had enough for 1 block, 14" X 10".

For Shanna - Sew Bee It, also July -  Hmmmm, three in a row for July, yikes.  I feel really really bad getting to these so late.
I have wanted to make this basket weave block for awhile, Shanna requested triangles, and I think these wedges are triangles, hopefully she thinks so too.  Not sure I will dive into making a whole quilt of these, but one was fun.  The second block is made of pinwheels.

Now, August!  Design Camp 2, for Linda, she sent a great assortment of greys, yellows, and neutrals to make a linear improv block.  I love this type of block.  She asked to leave the block untrimmed.  With a few of the left over fabrics I made a small log cabin block which she also requested.

From the Block Party Bee, Wonky 9 patch for Christine.  I actually had these finished last week but was not able to get the photos loaded until now.  These were simple to make, the pattern is the Block Party Bee book.

I'm so happy to get these done and off to their happy homes.  I love making Bee blocks and really don't intend to get so far behind.  Made a good dent in the pile, and hope to keep up the progress this week.  


H2Ogirl said...

You are a freaking rock-star lady! They all are grand. . I think mine are the best if I so say myself! You are so bloody creative! ♥

Quilting Mom said...

what awesome blocks Mary, I am back in the weed pile myself with Bee Blocks...wishing you a happy week...