Thursday, August 9, 2012


I feel real real real bad.  Personally and with my obligations to sewing.  Groups I have signed up for, blocks I need to make and send off, blocks I HAVE made and haven't been able to send off, family sewing, I haven't been able to look at let alone sew any seams.  
Also, if I don't get in to sew soon, I may gnaw off my fingers from the nail biting happening.  

One reason:

This pretty baby who came to us via the Humane Society.  Alas, I had to lay to rest another to be able to rescue sweet Nelly.  
And Nelly is a puppy, with all her puppy needs, food, attention, energy, lots and lots of energy.  Not like my old 15 year old girl who couldn't walk much.  Nelly is making me exercise.  

My Old Girl - she was a rescue and had a hard life before her resort living with us.  Now she runs free chasing whatever she wants as fast as she wants.  

And, I have spent the last 5, yes 5, days searching and searching for a cell phone for my dear dear husband.  He is old school and wants a phone that is a phone, not a computer.  So, after a desperate search, we ended where I told him we would at the start of day 1, and he bought a Droid something that is a total smart phone.  The Earth shook a little, I'm sure you felt it.  Life would just be so much smoother if he would listen at first, instead of exhausting all other options before almost admitting I was right.  

And Bandit says "WHAT? NOOOO, say it isn't sooooo!!! Not a smart phone"

Anyway, this has nothing to do with sewing or quilting or crafting, just a lot of time sucking that should be spent in my sewing room.  Tomorrow, I barricade the door to the sewing room and listen to my machine whirl.  Just a seam, I would like to finish the one block I started five days ago.  

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Leanne said...

I am sorry for the loss of your old girl. Your new puppy is lovely and the bunny is so cute. On the phone, well, you are most patient, I would just have got him and iphone which would assist him with all future research. I hope you are sewing soon.