Thursday, September 13, 2012

Making Gifts - Pinterest is good for something

I made something from all that crap I've been pinning on Pinterest.  If you ever want to kill hours in the middle of the night and you have already used up FB and Flickr time, Pinterest is it.  I know this, I used to watch all the stuff I have on my DVR, now I hang out here.  

From Pinterest I have learned that some people have way too much time on their hands.

I prepared in advance for this project by purchasing all the supplies to make coasters.  And not having my actual list with me when I spontaneously shopped, having to go back to the store too, in advance of making these, to return the wrong wax and buy felt pads.
The supplies: 

Stone tiles from a place like Home Depot, stamps, StazOn Ink, Paste Finishing Wax, felt pads for the bottoms (screwdriver was to open Finishing Wax).
I read on the original directions that this was cheaper than buying made coasters.  I'm not falling for that.  Next time I will only have to buy the felt pads and the stone tiles, THEN it will be fairly inexpensive.  Having all the stamps and ink on hand is helpful.  

First, stamp on the tiles.  Oh, wait, first, wipe the stone dust off the tiles, then stamp.

This is one stamped, I over laid a bird on top of script.

This is how it looks after the Finishing wax is applied.  The drying time was none.  You wipe on with a clean white towel, and wipe off any extra wax.  Very simple.  Simpe = good.
Not all the tiles in my stack were useable, and I messed up a couple, not liking how I stamped them.  Those will be mine, of course, or someone I don't like much.

After drying apply the felt pads to the bottom.  OK, for me THIS was the hardest part.  Have you ever tried getting the backing off these things?  My fingernails were sore from trying to a little sliver in between the pad and the backing.  

The finishing wax keeps the stone water resistant, so you can put glasses on the tiles.

Makes a good gift for housewarming, hostess, or wedding,   They are heavy, not good for shipping.  I do like how they are uneven and have pits on the tops, very authentic, like I went to Italy and chipped them from stone myself.  In fact, that will be my story, I dug these out to the ground for you, bitches!  You better love this gift and I better see you use it!  

Nelly swimming.  She can still go in the pool during the day, but have to restrict her in the mornings and evenings because of the temperature cooling down.  Easier said.


Becky (My Fabric Obsession) said...

Those turned out really cute! And I hear you, Pinterest is a total addiction!

H2Ogirl said...

OMG you are just too much! These are awesome. One day . . okay maybe not!

LethargicLass said...

They look awesome! I have to admit that I have made mostly recipes from Pinterest but have a million other things pinned as well LOL