Friday, September 14, 2012

More Minky & Charm Swap

I've been on a Minky kick lately.
It took me some searching, but I found my basket full of Minky.  Like, I knew I had this basket somewhere, and it's pretty big.  Where was it hiding?  In the closet, in the back, hidden behind more outdated fabric.  And I had a whole yard of flannel in this basket for the baby receiving blanket I was making!  Bonus.

I broke out the neglected 180 to sew the edges of this blanket.  I learned from this one that I wanted the edge stitching to be wider, and this baby has a 9 mm opening.  It is gigantic.

See?  If only the 'bobbin low' beep worked - she would be perfect.  But she sits in the closet mostly, because she isn't the newest Bernina in the house.  When I bought this one, I was going to do ALL this embroidery.  Ha!

Minky is messy.  I have a lot of minky scraps now, and I would like to use them in an actual quilt, but I am very afraid of the mess this project will make.

I went around the edges twice on this one, extra hardiness.  Also, the bobbin ran out 3 times while sewing and I wanted to go over the starts and stops.  Then I remembered another reason I don't often use this machine, the thread that can be held on the bobbin is minimal.  Hate it.

I'm in a Japanese Fabric Charm Swap on Flickr.
I love the Japanese Fabrics!

I signed up for 2 spots so I could have extra goodies!

I'm fabulously early on this swap, mailing today for an end of September deadline.
That's because I only had to cut the fabric.

Miss Muddy.  

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H2Ogirl said...

Miss Muddy is adorable. She really didn't mean to and really was sad you took a photo.. I can tell!

The minky is great.