Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday - Sew & Stash

I've been winding down bees, but I'm still in some, because I like them and the peeps I meet in them.
I have a lot of bee blocks from previous bees I want to get together, which means I need more 'me' sew time instead of 'bee' sew time.
Here's one of many, I have all the blocks, just need the time and motivation to put them together.

In the meantime, I've completed all the blocks for Gone Quiltin' Bee .
So,  four of us chose Granny Squares, and 3 of us chose Star blocks.  Must come from that, oh, I have to have what she has motivation.  I know, that's what I thought after I made a granny square in this group.   I've been in groups with some of these ladies before, and I hope to see them around again.  I have learned that I like this type of bee,  only six months long with two Queens each month.  

This block goes into QAWII group.  There are 25 of us, and each of us chose a theme for our blocks.  The package for each person makes a loop around the world, everyone making one block and adding it to the package before sending on. Ever make a bee block and then just want to keep it?  I wanted to keep this one!  I only had a fat quarter of the background.  Rats.  

This was for FrustratedQuilter who wanted interlocking or geometric blocks.
These are all her blocks together, so far.

Making her block made me want to make a whole quilt with those colors!  I just love Kaffe Fassett Paperweight fabric.
I went through and searched all mine out, because I figured I have used up a lot of this fabric and might need to order more.
Maybe not.  Rats.  I found even another colorway after I took the photo.

Another favorite of mine is Kaffe Fassett Aboriginal Dots.  If I have made something for you, this probably is in the block.  These dots are versatile.  And I don't need to order any of these either.  Rats.  

I'll have to keep searching until I find something I need to order.


Leanne said...

You are funny, I could easily give you a list of things to order, I keep telling myself I don't need more fabric and closing the shopping carts. You block is beautiful, as are all of them.

H2Ogirl said...

Love your blocks...wait, I always do! Can't wait to see whay your "me" sewing time comes up with! I have to do some granny squares for myself!