Saturday, September 22, 2012

One Row, Just One

I had a big idea.  About a year ago.  
Here is what I had done, a year ago, not the sunflowers, the Rings of Flying Geese block.  (I just didn't move the sunflowers when I was playing with the geese.)  I was in love with this Ring of Flying Geese block!  And I was on a kick, I did a Ring of Flying Geese swap, I made several for another group, and then I lost steam and put everything away.  

Fast forward a year - because some ideas just need to simmer and sometimes you need time to pass to get back to a time-consuming block.
Some of the blocks I made were not the right size, as you can see with the one on the right, and that was discouraging.  This comes from not having the print settings correct.  Here is a link to the pdf pattern, for clockwise and counter-clock wise rings.  Your printer settings should be 'print actual size'.  I just love making several blocks all the wrong size.  I wasn't sure about making a whole quilt of Ring of Flying Geese, these are work.

What I really wanted to do with this was make a flow line - but I wasn't sure how to make it work, back then.  
I think I figured it out.  
I am in a group where I had to make a single row to pass on, and the next person will add another row.  When the top gets back to me it should be a finished quilt top.  
Because I already had a few blocks made, and the fabrics set aside (for a whole year), I thought I would resurrect this idea, and build on it for this new project.  I'm glad to have the bag back that all this was in sitting on a shelf for a year.  

I took two of the Rings apart, and started to work on the counter clock wise sections to make the flow work.  While sitting and sewing, and sewing (these pieces take a long time to make)  I decided to add OMBRE to the mix.  I looked up ombre, and though I thought it was Spanish it is actually French and it means shading from dark to light.  Ombre hair is all the rage, since I am not bold enough or have enough money to upkeep ombre hair, I am going with an ombre quilt row.  (Ignore the bottom two blocks).

All week I was working on these, every night I said, I'll get this row done tonight.  And every night I would get a few sections done, each block is 4 sections.  The top two sections are clockwise and the bottom two sections of each block are counter clockwise.  All those pieces!  I can not imagine now making an entire quilt with these.  In the above photo, none of these sections are sewn together.  First you have to pick off all the paper, because it is PAPER PIECING.  This part sucks.

Here is the finished row, all sewn together.  The pop of color is Kona Melon. I love how this turned out.  But, I think I can give this block a rest now.  That was enough paper piecing for a long while.


Newbie Jen said...

Oh, I love it!!

Leanne said...

It is a lovely row, a lot of work too.