Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sew time is any time

I've had some sew time here and there and I crossed a few things off my list.  The sew time for these was after 9:00 pm on Friday night, after getting up at 5:00 a.m. that day so I could get through all my stuff-to-do-list and have lots of sewing time.  See how well that worked out for me?

Starting with my last two blocks for a Bee, which was an August block, now done and shipped.  And that Bee is done - finito - and I didn't join another!  I will join more, I know I will, but I think I am putting it off until next year (can't believe I can even start saying next year) so that I can put together some of my older bee projects that are laying around making clutter.  

My rainbow star block for Moni - 

All her blocks so far - and these have been shipped out.

And I completed a small zip pouch for Modern Scrappy Bits.  I had bought a pattern at that fab store in MA, I used linen and a Kaffe stripe, which I lined with batting.  The problem with this pattern was that 1 - I had zippers previously purchased, and I put them I don't know where; and 2 - I had clear vinyl I had previously purchased, and I put it I don't know where.  The start of any new project must allow for time to find all the supplies you know you have and you just don't know where.  

It was only an hour search, the vinyl I actually found quickly, in a cabinet, but the zippers, it took almost the full hour.  I really contained myself not tearing the place apart.  Just opening drawers, cabinets, looking in bags and baggies.  In the end they were laid out sweet as can be under a pile of fabric.  

The rest of Modern Scrappy Bits is putting together some scrappy bits for your partner.

There is more to do - and I would like to get some things quilted this month.
Christmas is coming, there are babies coming that need gifts, and I need to use up fabric that has accumulated.  And accumulated.  And accumulated.
I am working on it.  

Nelly is keeping me busy.  And making me actually do some of that exercise stuff I sometimes talk about doing. 


Lisa said...

Hi, I came from the Scrappy Swap! Love your blocks! I live in Ocean Lakes for 22 years. We moved 7 years ago to retire near my husbands family.

Kelly said...

Gorgeous blocks and I love the swimmy pic :)

qwilltr said...

Mary, I love the pouch! It's fabulous! the bee blocks ae adorable as well...way to go...I put two things on my design wall and talk to my hubby about what I'm thinking of soing to one. Does that count?

H2Ogirl said...