Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Granny Squares Baby Quilt

Very excited to get the binding on this quilt!  And the baby this is for is only two months old, sometimes they are graduating high school before I get their quilt to them.  Or having babies of their own.

I am a quilter who machine binds the quilts.  A long time ago in a quilt universe far far away I used to do this by hand.  While this was enjoyable to do in front of the TV, and allowed some bonding time with the quilt, it was heck on my wrists and hands - so now I do it this way.  Using my walking foot I attach the binding to the back and wrap it around to the front, top stitching the edge down.  I used a straight stitch for this quilt.

Those red binder clips are awesome Wonder Clips they are available on Amazon at the link, I also saw them on JoAnn's website.  I like how small they are.  The red color helps to locate them when you pop them off the edge and they go flying.  Good thing there is 50 in the pack.

I used a variegated thread on the top.

And a solid blue thread in the bobbin.  If any bobbin thread appeared in the top thread, it blended.  An important tip.  

Quilt is now washed and dried, all crinkled up soft and squishy for baby.  My favorite part is that part when you take them out of the dryer warm and fresh smelling. 

P.S. There is another row folded over the top of railing.

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