Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Shackles, Cake and Best Bee Block Ever

My husband admiring my legs,

Husband:  What is that all over your ankles?
Me:  Those are my shackle scars from my gang days.
H:  You were not in a gang!
Me:  Well, if I was this is what the shackle scars would look like.  
H:  What is it really?
Me:  Bug bites.
H:  Were you bit by a scorpion? Because it looks like shackle scars.
Me:  Well, initially, I thought it was bug bites, so I scratched like a mad woman.  But really it's poison ivy.
H:  Wow.
Me:  Then it spread.  Everywhere.  
H:  Can you go sleep in the other bed?
Me:  Can you massage my ankles with a stick, because they itch like mad?
H:  You would never make it in a gang, by the way.
Me:  Already in a gang, the Quilter Gang, we have rotaries and we will cut you. 
H:  Is that your motto?  Because you have cut yourself more than anything else with that thing.  
Me:  While you sleep tonight, I'm going to rub you with my ankles.  

I would show you a photo of my ankles, but it is really gross.

I can show you the cake that I made I ordered for the baby shower for my Grandson.  The local cake shop Dream Cake in Virginia Beach put their creation on Pinterest, too.  The cake was delicious.

It was a great weekend, except for the whole poison ivy deal (seriously, who gets poison ivy in November?).

And on Monday, I received two packages from Bees to make blocks.  I checked in with the Bee threads and noticed that one said 'EASIEST BEE BLOCK.  EVER'

And it was.

I went and made that one right that second.  
While I love all the bee blocks (almost) and I have learned new techniques and tried blocks I never would have attempted outside of a Bee, this one was fun to do, took 10 minutes, because my iron had to heat up.   I am wondering what she has in store for these strips of fabric.


moira said...

mary you make me lol!

Allegory said...

I really want to find a reason now to tell my husband that last line.

Thank you for making me giggle.

LethargicLass said...

As usual you make me crack up... even when I'm home sick LOL!

heart of charnwood said...

Ha, ha, that really made me chuckle, I want to use that line too! Ange : )