Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sew Sunday

This year a new guild started in my area Virginia Beach Modern Quilt Guild.  I am so happy to not have to travel two hours to get a Modern Quilt Guild fix.  
We had a gift exchange this month and set up a group charity quilt for next year.  We are still a small group, but we are going to grow, learn from each other and ohhh and ahhh over our quilts.  

This is what I made my secret partner

It's a table runner in blues and white with a pop of red for the binding.  The back is a linen that has the pop of red also.  I used white King Tut quilting thread on the top and a blue variegated for the bobbin quilting thread.

And this is what I received - someone must know me!  
A tote!  
Browns oranges and yellows!
Variegated thread!  

I have gotten busy on my bee block pile, so I can get back to some other sewing on my agenda for the weekend.

These were from October (sorry!)  Design Camp 2, Jacqueline asked for blocks that reminded us of her home state of Wisconsin.  My first idea came from thinking of a prairie, which led me to Little House on the Prairie, which led me to think of a log cabin.  So my first block is a log cabin style using fabrics Jacqueline provided.

My second block is improv scene of the planted fields with a red barn and the big sky.  I added fabrics for this block, but I think Jacqueline will like it.

I also completed November blocks for Design Camp 2, Jody asked for rectangles and squares, angular pieced blocks with fabric she provided.

And lastly, the next block in the Quilt Around the World II group.  I have now completed 10 blocks for 10 different members in this group.  15 more to go.  The theme for Julianne's quilt is Paris in black and white with a touch of aqua.

For my block I was thinking about the fashion influence Paris has on the world.

All of Julianne's blocks together

Stay Calm, my friends, and Sew On.  

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Leanne said...

Such beautiful blocks. I especially like how the stripes do in fact look like fields of crops growing. And your swap looks like it was great fun, both projects are lovely.