Saturday, November 24, 2012

Yep, it's Quilted. - Mostly -

Don't you love it when you are done, done, done? Quilting done after days and nights, binding on, ready to photo, wash and send off to the lovely recipient?

All except that one little spot that you see after you have put away the thread the foot and the quilting needle, after you've done your happy dance.  Yep.  Missed a spot. Or a circle.  Deflation.

Think anyone will notice?  Besides me, whom it will bother to eternity.

This quilt is based off a pattern by Julie of Jaybird Quilts.  
It was windy so I had my son hold up the quilt for me, at 6' 3" he had to stretch.  Which makes it perfect for the intended super large man.

The back, some Kaffe Fassett prints and Kona cottons, I think the mustard solid is from Northcott.

I like how the quilting shows up on the back.  I quilted the straight lines with a walking foot, I went up and down the edges of each row and across too. I used FMQ for the bubbles and spirals inside each circle.  I only quilted on the Kona Solid of each square.    

I am holding on to this until Christmas, and someone will be very quilt happy.  
Besides me, having this one done.

The front is Kaffe Fassett prints and Kona Nutmeg, I no longer see Nutmeg on my Kona chart, so they must have discontinued that one when the new colors came out in June 2012.  The color is somewhere between Sienna and Amber.  Really, I didn't know that some colors were taken out.  I used Aurifil 40 wt brown in the bobbin and a 40 wt Amber color for the top (it is #2340, they don't show names on the Aurilfil card).  
I will quilt that one spot before washing, kind of a pain, but I can't leave it hanging out there by itself.  

Stay Calm and Quilt On.
Loads of time to join the Postage Stamp Block Swap on Flickr
shipping in January 2013!  


Leanne said...

Your quilt is stunning, I love all the quilting in addition to the fabrics. The back is lovely too and really does show off the quilting so nicely. I am glad you are going to quilt that circle too.

Fiber of All Sorts said...

It's perfect in every way! And you meant to leave that one empty for someone to fill it with love .. right? You are amazing my dearest!

heart of charnwood said...

Wow, that is a big (almost) finish, i would have been really grumpy when i realised i'd missed a circle/square, how annoying! The FMQ is fab, looks like a full on professional job, did you do it on a regular machine, or have you got a long arm???? :)

moira said...

i think the missed circle is genius! Brilliant quilt

qwilltr said...

Gorgeous, had fun with
the quilting. I love it! And, of course, you have to quilt that last circle!! :)

Nat at Made in Home said...

Great quilt!

Silvana said...

Your quilt is amazing! Wonderful! I made one similar. I named it Dot To Dot. I invite you to stop by my blog to see it.