Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Booty

Sherbet Pips needs a back.  I had declared October quilting month, and here it is the 8th, and I haven't started quilting yet.  To quilt a top, it needs a booty or as more commonly referred - a back.  

I made 3 humongoid dresden plates for the booty.  And, I know, this was a lot of work for a booty.  My goal was to use up as much Sherbet Pips fabric as possible.  I want it all in this quilt.  

After I had the dresden plates attached to large pieces of Kona, I cut up more Sherbet Pips into 4 1/2" squares and made strips to attach to the Kona blocks.  I didn't have a master plan, I seldom do, just a wing it and see what happens idea.

I am so pleased that the lines of squares fit perfectly (almost) with the large Kona blocks.  

This booty is almost EXACTLY the same size as the front, I will have to very carefully pin the sandwich together so the booty does not fall short on any side.  We wouldn't want booty hanging out.  This could be one of those reversible quilts I've heard tell about, just never figured out how to make one.  Still haven't, this was winging it. 

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Leanne said...

The back is as fun as the front, I look forward to seeing this one quilted!