Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sometimes you need a review to see what you forgot

I went back to add some labels to posts, and realized I never finished posting about this top I completed.  Original post is HERE.  At that time I needed to get back to my happy place, my Mother In Law had died and I was having a hard time going back to regular life.  Sewing is such a comfort, and I wasn't ready for the comfort for awhile.  But others were depending on me, and it was time.  She wouldn't want me to stop what I love.  

Anyone who knows me knows that 'my colors' are in the autumn spectrum.  I find them warm and inviting.  I chose these fabrics because I needed to sew for me and I knew it would be easier with colors that I love.  This is how I line up cut fabrics for a photo op.  Nice, right?  

This is the natural me.

There was some sort of pattern type deal that I looked at when I cut these, they are slightly wonky.  I have no idea now where I saw it or how much I copied.  I think it was in a magazine, I didn't copy the quilt, just the cutting of the strips.

I had cut the Joel Dewberry Aviary 1 fabric so that the birds would all be going the right direction.  I had just enough to cut the horizontal strips and then the strips for the border to be vertical, but I had to piece the vertical strips.   

I haven't named this quilt yet, and I think I'm going to quilt it as soon as Sherbet Pips is done (it is almost), but this quilt to me says, home, nesting, beauty.  And I know that I made it to bring me back to the happy place.  

So, yeah.  I have a LOT of other Joel Dewberry as exhibit A 

Exhibit B, I haven't entered my grey/ yellow phase yet.

And Exhibit C.  This one is going to the Aqua and Orange Bee for November.  


H2Ogirl said...

Oh sweetie. . I hope things are getting back on track. I love the colors and so can't wait to sew for you again in the aqua and orange bee!

Anonymous said...

That aviary fabric is perfect for the background. Lovely!