Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I promised to quilt, and I'm almost there!

Well, so far I have Sherbet Pips pinned.  It sat taped to the floor for 3 days, my husband didn't want to come in my room for fear of stepping on it and stabbing himself with a wayward open safety pin.  *Note to self: leave pinned quilt on the floor to keep menfolks out of sewing studios.  It is has now moved to the sewing table, one step closer to quilting.

Funny thing - in February at the Mid Atlantic Quilt Show, I picked up 10 feet of Matilda's Own Wool/Cotton Batting, because cotton prices were shooting up.  The next day my Mom was returning to the show and I asked her to pick me up 5 more feet of batting.  Only I said YARDS.  Batting?  Anyone?

This block was for my Sew Modern Quilt Bee, Kristy has an awesome tutorial on her blog HERE.  I hope she doesn't mind I took her idea for the block, and I'm going to use it over and over.  

I loved it so much, I made 5 more for my hive mates over in NeBees Block Swap.

Brilliant idea, make this car fabric into sashings for my t-shirt quilt!  Make tons.

Make start centers in the sashings with bright colors in the car fabrics!  Cut up tons, and feel all cozy inside, getting something accomplished and using sashings.

Someone, whose quilt opinion I do not rely on says 'it is too busy'.  I keep going, see?  All sewed on?  A quilter comes over for sew day and says 'It is too busy'.   

Everyone happy?  Toned down enough?  Really?  I don't mind being wrong, but why does he need to be right?  And it does look better now.  Sigh.

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Becky said...

lol, I have a bin full of batting. i buy by the yard too! :) And I loved that block for the sew modern bee. I will be re-doing that block too, it's fantastic.