Friday, October 28, 2011

Yes I can, Sam I Am

I am a quilter, therefore I sew, therefore I can make a costume for my nephew who wants to be Sam I Am.

Sam I Am is not a costume pattern this Halloween.  I found one already made on Ebay, but I was outbid at $36.99.  Like Clint Eastwood, I adapt, overcome, improvise with this pattern.

My Veterinarian sister asked if she owed me anything for my efforts.  I said well, I studied the pattern for about an hour, I believe you doctors call that a 'consultation'.  What's the going rate on that?

A chance to use my pinking shears!  But they didn't work too well on the fleece.  

I can re-fold the pattern so it fits back into the package.  Admit it, this takes skill!

A break for cookie making, working with a pattern deserves a cookie break.

Improvise - instead of making a whole new hat, I found a Dr. Suess  hat, I used my trusty hot glue gun to cover the white with red felt.  Viola - Sam I Am hat.

Ta-Da.  But the kid is going to be hot in all this fleece, he lives in FL.   The neck gave me daymares, until I remembered that you can use elastic instead of all that interfacing.  Especially since said kid is in another state and can't be measured.

Yes I can, Sam I Am.  I haven't tried Green Eggs and Ham.  Yet.

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Leanne said...

It is looking like Sam I am for sure! Surely you can applique/quilt/stuff up some green eggs and ham in no time! I hope your nephew loves it.