Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fall Market (not that one) Messing Up, and The King (not that one)

My parents and I went to a local outdoor fall market.  What are those freakish prickly things?  They do not look edible.

Other than the prickly things, the colors for fall foods are beautiful.

Do you see a quilt in here?  The colors play so well together.

Slow week.  Pulled fabrics for the Teal We Meet Again Swap.  These ladies are rocking - some already have blocks made, and it's only been a week since the group formed.  I feel behind the curve just posting my fabric pulls.

I did get something done, Liz's blocks for Quiltworkers group.  Love how these play together.  I forget how much play you get out of a four patch and  half square triangles. And the colors are stunning.

I love when someone picks the Mod Mosaic block.  Aqua and Orange Bee for Cassey, her last bee choice was a circle torture which I screwed up so I was happy to give her something that looks like I know what I'm doing.

This is what happens when you sew and there are bits and pieces all over the sewing table.  Happens often.  Should clean more.  Not.

Um, I met Stephen King at the George Mason University Book awards.  Who looks more excited?  My face froze like that.  


Brookquilt said...

You look almost as excited as when you met Kaffe!

Leanne said...

No way - Stephen King! I am so jealous, lucky you! Your mosaic block is lovely too!

Issabella The Cat said...

What was he like? I'm afraid I would've turned into some strange stalker if I'd been in the same room as me :)

I love the brutal honesty of what happens when you have a messy sewing table (Something similar happened to me) and your don't give a stuff attitude made me laugh coffee out of my nose!