Monday, October 1, 2012

September - not as unproductive as I imagined

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I was a little bit afraid to go back and see what little I had accomplished in September, but it turned out to be an alright month.  I am pleased with what I have finished in the short amount of sewing time I had in the month.  

Some photos in this mosaic have not been shown yet.  
1 and 2.  Bee Blocks for Gone Quiltin Bee, I finished up this Bee in September, but I think it was supposed to be August. Anyway, I did them all!  Yay!

3.  Bee Block for Sewn Together Bee, actually an August block, but I just completed it on 9/30 (you know me - Ms. Procrastinator)
4.  Same Bee Sewn Together, but the September block and since I made it on 9/30, still in the right month!  But it has to go to Norway, so I feel I only half accomplished the task for this one.

5.  One of the two blocks I need to make for September - Running with Scissors Bee.  Also made on 9/30, so technically in the right month.  I still have to make the block for the other September Queen.  Another halfsie.

6.  One of my Minky madness baby receiving blankets.  I'll be making a few more of these in the next few months.

7.  This was a small zip pouch for Mini Scrap Swap, this is the one I ended up keeping because the zipper was skewed, I made another (didn't take a photo) and sent that off to my partner.  The last day for mailing, but ON TIME!

8.  A block for QAWII, I have two more blocks for this group to get to this week.

9.  I am freaking QUILTING this now!  More to come soon on that.  I was beginning to think I could no longer call myself a quilter.

10 and 11.  Zip pouch, mailed late and now I can't participate (BAD) for PLPS5, front and back.  I mailed my partner some extra goodies for being patient with my tardiness.
12.  Her other present, a oilcloth make up bag.  I had to take this photo at the post office before mailing.  

Also, I made this row of blocks for a group project:

Most of the projects were late, for their very important date for the month of September, but I got them done!  I'm working on being more punctual this month.  (Don't laugh too much at that one.)

Nelly's new friend Cooper, we think we'll keep him.  


Pippa Parsons said...

everyone seems to be completing lots of bee blocks in September, really like yours :) how many bees are you in ??

Beth said...

Your granny square quilt is beautiful.

moira said...

yep, I am loving the granny sqaure quilt too

Becky (My Fabric Obsession) said...

I love love love my pouches! are you really unable to participate in PLP next time!? wonder what they will do to me since mine disappeared. :(

quirky granola girl said...

block #3 is my favorite!

Leanne said...

These are all great blocks and projects!

heart of charnwood said...

Love the blocks you've been making, and the cute pouches, but my absolute faves are those flying geese blocks, they make a really effective pattern when put together, and the colours are beautiful. Ange