Tuesday, February 5, 2013

12 Step Blocks

One of my local groups started a project a year ago based on the Twelve by Twelve Challenge.  A few of us had seen their display in 2011 at the Houston Quilt Show and loved the idea of this challenge.  
We called our challenge 12 Steps

For our first year we opted to base our 12" finished squares on a specific color.  Every other month is a new color.  So far we have had 

Don't they look awesome together?
This is mine

Here are two more from the group that weren't there when we took the group photo

Some in the group chose to stick with a theme through their color blocks, like the doorways and trees.  
I thought about that, but ended up doing something different for each block.



A few others with mine

Pink was the next color
These are three together

Mine, just completed a couple of days ago (there wasn't a real deadline, which is bad for me)
I completely copied a mini by my friend Leona and her mini here which I thought was just darling.

Next was Peacock - which I have yet to do.  I am totally intimated by how awesome these other blocks are

And Orange, my block, I don't have a group photo for this color yet.

My blocks to date

I especially like the orange selvage block.  I anticipate a whole quilt in this block, just one more thing added to my long quilt bucket list.
I plan on having all 12 of my blocks together in a grouping on the wall.  Although it will be another year before all 12 are complete.  
This has been a fun challenge, we don't really have 12 participants and a few of us have made more than one for each color to try to get to 12 for each color.  This was just a fun exercise that you could chose to participate in or not.  I love seeing the diversity of the blocks each of us has come up with.  

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Jenny Squawk Scheidt said...

This was something I wanted to do with a group, but I never found people who were willing. I'm now in a group that is going through the Fearless Quilting Design book together. We just started. First assignments need to be done by next Monday. So STRESSED!