Sunday, February 3, 2013

Studio Sweetness

My sweet sweet husband has bought me a sewing chair.

This is what I have been sitting in for the last 14 years to sew.  14 years.  When I told him that, he said, 'Why?'
I had no answer - it was there, it fit, I just don't know.  It just wasn't something I thought about.  Sometimes my back would hurt or I would be stiff, but I didn't make any connections.  It isn't like he hasn't seen the folding chair before.  But he said 'Go get a chair.'



Is that sweet or what?  

New chair means rearranging the whole room.  
My new sewing station.

Two days of moving these tables all over the room to get the right positions.
I had a very large cutting table in the attic.  I didn't have enough space in my last sewing room, so it was stored in the attic.  
I finally decided to bring it down.  The problem with having such a large cutting space is I tend to just clutter up the top.  
If there is a surface, cover it.

When he brought it down there was fabric in the cabinet portion of the table.  I don't even know why, and apparently I didn't really need it because I never missed it.  There were two items that I had sort of missed, and it was nice to know where they are.  I cleaned everything up, and put all my solids in one area.  I know that this is a good place for them, I use them often, so I won't just shove the fabric in there and forget about it.

And I put the smaller solid pieces in the drawer.

Francine / Mochawhildchild on Flickr made me this Joel Dewberry wall hanging in a swap.  
I finally got that up on the wall - I really love it, because she knew I love Joel Dewberry and it matches the wall perfectly.  Also because I've been in numerous bees and swaps with her.  (The wall hanging on the left is from another swap.)

I have a lot of wall space to fill, I'm slow to get things up there.  

I hoard some of my sewing supplies, like plastic bags.  I can't stand throwing them out to a landfill, so I keep them for sending out bee blocks or swap items.  They've just had fabric in them, so they are still good.

Now they are neat and together, I can find them.  I even threw out a couple that had been used a few times or were very small.

Soon, I might be able to show you my fabric closet.  That still needs work. 
I put away fabric and cleaned the floors.  My design wall is empty.  The only thing I didn't do in my sewing room this weekend was sew.
Also, apparently this chair is my birthday present (which isn't until next month)- wish I would have known that before shopping.  

The babies - still without names.  


Jenny Squawk Scheidt said...

Good deal for the studio. A good chair is worth its weight in gold. As for bun names, how about cotton ball and q-tip?

Leona said...

your chair looks so comfortable! (and your sewing room looks like such a space to lose yourself in for hours on end! enjoy and happy birthday, Mary!

Francine said...

Uh oh Mary - hubby could've called your snazzy new red chair a Valentine's Day gift LOL. The sewing room looks fabulous!

Ann said...

It certainly lookslokea wonderful place to create!
And I completely relate to your BVS-syndrom (Bare Vertical Surface), lol.

Carolyn Dixon said...

Where did you find that chair?

Leanne said...

I love your sewing room and a good chair is critical. You will likely notice the difference right away.